The New Life Plan

Inertia, noun: A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Or for more everyday mortals, it is a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. I should know because I have a lot of it.

Status quo can be a wonderful, wonderful thing. I have been sitting along in my little corner, watching life pass me by (and what a lovely view it is!), and each time I’ve felt happy to not be in some crazy race to do anything.  But sitting in a corner can get unduly comfortable, so comfortable that you forget how jubilant a jump can be. So things must change.

Before life’s strong external forces slam me aside, I have decided to jump onto a better, clearer track. So what should a girl’s goals be?

  • Get a stellar career
  • Higher (and higher) education
  • Lose weight
  • More life skills
  • Magically transform into a do-it-all princess

And do all of this before anyone can say “kids”! (Sigh, the perils of nearing 30)

However, we all know how these goals work out. You have dreams in your eyes but not enough gumption in the heart and strength in your muscles to get things done. So I’ve decided to take help from one of my favourite bloggers, Wait But Why, and see how their wonderful strategy of beating the procrastination monkey works.

The crux of the whole blog (and don’t you dare miss reading the blog), is that to achieve something big, you’ve got to break it down into smaller-sized chunks, and then meet them one-by-one till you get to your lovely destination.

So here is my attempt at trying this out.

1. Get a Stellar Career

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to break this one down. I am not really sure (still) what I am truly passionate about that can also yield some a lot of money. So maybe the goal here remains to figure out.

2. High Education

Logically, this is the first step toward #1 above but within this goal, what I need to do is write the GMAT, apply to a couple of colleges and hopefully get admitted. So here are mini plans:

  • Attempt the exam on June 14. Not the final one, but just a trial to see where I stand. Once I get this out of the way, I could formulate a better next goal.
  • Keep practising some sums this week and next to make sure the attempt isn’t a complete disaster.

3. Lose Weight

  • Sigh
  • OK, this one is tough. I truly want to write “watch the diet” but I know it’s pointless. Especially not when I am vacationing this week.
  • Fine! Exercise. But do more fun stuff and not things I don’t enjoy. I have realized that exercise needs a lot of motivation for me and it’s not easy to get me hooked onto a regular regimen. However, the new 30-day ab workout challenge and the everyday badminton and swimming routine might just help a bit here.
  • But this is still not a goal.
  • Here we go: Come rain, come torrid sunlight, everyday I will put in 30-minutes of exercise. For the next two weeks. We’ll see what to do next from there.

4. More Life Skills

  • Blog!! #easywin. But let’s start with one blog a week. I still have my last trips to jot down so should have enough fodder  to see the end of June at least.
  • I was also gifted a DSLR recently by my very considerate husband. So now by the end of June, I should have an album I can be proud of. Especially with pictures from my two trips in June: Goa and Benaras.

5. Magically Transform into a Do-It-All Princess

I was really kidding about this one. All the pressures on women these days expect you to be nothing short of a magical pixie or a lucky princess with a fairy godmother on her side. I saw Maleficent today and I loved it. I loved it because it tried to redefine a lot of things for society in general. 1) Make choices that improve your quality of life, not those that help you conform better to society; 2) Don’t let the love of a man define you because you can be more than that; 3) count your blessings in times of joy and watch your tongue in times of despair. You might not turn into Cinderella but you’d kick ass just the same. 🙂

So help me stick to this plan, and see if this inspires you to start charting progress against those goals that have been hanging around in your head for a while. And if you do, do motivate me with your updates as well. God knows I need it.



Such a Long Wait

Okay then. My Rann of Kutch vacation is just five days away and finally the excitement is kicking in. I say finally because I force myself to remain ambivalent to what promise to be big or fun things in life, so that I can enjoy them more in the moment. I am a daydreamer AND a procrastinator, so you can imagine why I do this. And if you are at all like my husband, that is neither of the two things I just mentioned, then it basically means I have a lot of free time to dream up impossibly dramatic scenarios, which are way better than how my life pans out in reality .

I still need to read up some more on the place, weather, and to-dos and a good starting place would be the itinerary that my father-in-law has so meticulously prepared. However, I have a gnawing feeling that I won’t do that until I am sitting on the plane to Mumbai (we fly to Bhuj from there).

But I am quite psyched about indulging in some perspective photography fun. I don’t have a very fancy camera but it should do. Perspective photography is quite the “in” things these days according to random internet trends, but I am sure Indian families who’ve been holding the Taj Mahal by its top since the creation of cameras would disagree. I’ve never indulged in such photography (I am more of the shoot-structures-that-will-look-plain-boring-later and take-candid-shots-that-no-one-will-ever-frame types) when I’m out doing tourist-y things. However, when I saw this image, was I blown away! (Disclaimer: Of course I did not believe it was real. Anyone who’s seen as much Nat Geo as between me and my Dad knows that Gustave is THE ONE).

Clever photography aside, the idea of a white desert and blue horizon is especially stirring when you’re cooped up in your office on a smoggy winter day in Gurgaon. Don’t get me wrong–I love the fog when I’m out for a walk or a picnic, as it lends everything a dreamy cover (remember: love of drama?). There is also the much talked of kite festival that should paint the skies. I can’t wait to walk barefoot in the desert, hide my feet under the white sand, and then feel the tiny granules scrape between my toes as I walk on.

We are also going to go to Kalo Dungar (Black Hills) and the Indo-Pak border, and stay a night at the Mandavi beach. This is my second leisure trip to Gujarat this year (Amitabh Bachchan, I am listening to you)–We covered Little Rann in September this year during a trip to Ahmedabad. It was mostly vast, open land dotted with light shrubbery and herds of the Indian Wild Ass. There was also a pretty lake where we managed to spot some flamingos.

I just feel horrible that I am still not getting to Gir. Maybe Gir is a trip I need to make with friends or like-minded wild life junkies because it’s quite far off from the well-connected path and I don’t think my family is up for spending 2-3 days in the jungle anytime soon.

In any case, I just need to see through four more days till I get going. The fog outside is scaring me since I have an early morning flight out. Hopefully, though, I will get there and will try to take some nice pictures and post them here, but I’m usually so embarrassed about my clicks that you’ll just have to take my word for my visit to the Rann.

The Rain Catcher

I know I should be running down and getting ready. Or even wrapping up some of the open tasks that I can see, waiting, at the bottom of the screen, but somehow I can do none of this. All I can think of is a song that’s flowing through my head as I hear the rain plonk down hard on my terrace outside. It’s just going to be one of those days where I might do a lot but register nothing. Because my mind is in a faraway dreamy place.

God bless YouTube for allowing one to get lost in the world one wishes to stay in.

O dream maker, you heart braker
Wherever you are going, I am going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world,
There is such a lot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end,
Waiting ’round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon river and me.